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God’s Love Never Fails

Posted By on Nov 15, 2020

This Sunday, Pastor Randy preached about God’s love for us. The gift of his only son Jesus was his perfect gift to us; through Jesus, we have eternal life. During this holiday season, we can show God’s love to others by serving him. Two worthy causes are the Charlevoix Community Thanksgiving and the Charlevoix Community Christmas project. While these events may be different this year, they are a wonderful way for our community and...

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Today, Pastor Randy’s sermon was titled, “What to Keep & What to Leave Behind?” Jesus is our savior; we can rely on him to be with us, even in an emergency situation. Many of us are unprepared for an emergency…we think disasters happen to others, in different parts of the country or world, but not where we live. Remember the floods in mid-Michigan this year? This video lists the four steps you can take to plan for an emergency....

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